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Low cardiac output syndrome (LCOS) is a devastating complication of cardiac surgery. Tragically, it is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in pediatric patients who have undergone a cardiac surgery - typically occurring in 25-65% of children with congenital heart disease (CHD), 6-8 hours post-surgery. The key to preventing LCOS during the postoperative period is early recognition and timely intervention. However, ways of measuring cardiac output (meaning the amount of blood that is pumped from the heart) are lacking in accuracy, convenience, and validation, especially in the pediatric population... Until now.

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Early recognition of LCOS and early treatment are key to improving outcomes but recognizing the condition is difficult. Standard physical examination (e.g. capillary refill) does not correlate well to cardiac output and clinical opinions vary greatly. Invasive techniques to measure cardiac output (e.g. thermodilution catheters) are rarely used in pediatrics, and current non-invasive cardiac output monitoring systems are limited largely unsuitable. 

As a result of a real lack of testing LCOS is generally detected by and defined through multiple signs of inadequate oxygen delivery to the organ systems providing a complex diagnosis. These signs include tachycardia, poor systemic perfusion, decreased urine output, elevated lactate, decreased mixed venous oxygen saturation, and elevated arterial to central venous oxygen saturation difference. 

So How Does MIMOSA Help?

MIMOSA Pro uses multispectral cameras to take pictures of tissues at multiple wavelengths (without touching the patient). Previous clinical use has demonstrated that this technology can be used to track longitudinal changes in tissue perfusion noninvasively. MIMOSA Pro is currently being evaluated in a long-term study (3 years) in the early detection of paediatric LCOS. 

When combined with advanced machine learning and other advanced analytic techniques, applied to the collected data, clinicians believe they can develop predictive analytical tools to predict cardiac output and LCOS.

At MIMOSA we already know that we make a difference saving the limbs and lives of mostly adults, in particular those at the “aged” end of life. This is fits our culture of wanting to make a difference, but helping those at the start of life adds to the passion.

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