Making the Invisible... Visible

Introducing MIMOSA Pro:

Handheld, Equitable Imaging for

Avoid severe outcomes, protect tissue health, connect with experts, and set a new standard for skin health.

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Connect with experts, from anywhere

The tiny hand-held device can be used by nurses, doctors or other clinicians. MIMOSA collects and collates the data for review by the expert clinician. This allows for greater efficiency and a reduction in workload for the clinician, as well as unlocking easier access to care for patients.

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MIMOSA Pro is US FDA 510(k) cleared

MIMOSA Pro captures what is invisible to the naked eye by various light frequencies to detect biomarkers below the surface, revealing skin health

Safe / No - Touch

Non-invasive and COVID safe with no injectable dyes resulting in zero patient contact.

Ease of use

Portable and lightweight technology fits easily into your workflow. Both doctors and nurses can use it!


Precise visualization of oxygen saturation for faster assessments and healing trajectory predictions.

Any Skin Tone

40% Global Population is NOT Caucasian. Built in control for skin melanin content. Overcomes systemic racial bias in healthcare.

Any Health Setting

Portability and miniaturization permits utility in any healthcare setting directly by the patients side.


Tissue health is determined by expert clinicians based on vascularity and oxygenation. Delays or lack of understanding of tissue health can lead to wounds, amputation, or even death.

Risk Profile

A means to track and document patient progress to improve clinical outcomes and mitigate risks early.

Point of Care

A portable technology, driving efficiency and accuracy in the diagnostic capabilities of clinicians. The magic of this technology is that its skin pigment, clinical specialty, and care setting agnostic - hence providing equitable access.

Multispectral Imaging

MIMOSA Pro detects tissue oximetry and temperature in tissue by imaging the skin with near infrared and infra-red light, just beyond the range of human vision. MIMOSA Pro makes the invisible, visible. This range of light is just above the visible region, so it’s safe, but also has deep penetration into the skin.

Seeing Under the Skin

MIMOSA Pro can see things that humans can’t, so it can detect whether the skin is perfused, if it has an adequate oxygen supply, if it’s viable, and measure important physiological parameters within the assessment region.


MIMOSA Pro provides remote monitoring of important parameters that can help clinicians make decisions in real time, communicate with each other and most importantly provide care in a timely manner. We bring hospital grade medical technology to the patient side.


The novel thing about MIMOSA Pro and the platform is its capacity to relay images into a web portal for remote viewing. It is a HIPAA compliant & secure cloud-based platform that enables communication amongst clinicians and tracking patient’s physiology over time.

Image Based Assessment

MIMOSA Pro using Oxygenation, Temperature and Digital Image capture provides tissue health information to aid clinical assessment. These three types of imaging help clinicians assess tissue and target treatment for better health outcomes.

Reflectance-Based Tech

MIMOSA Pro is a non-contact near-infrared (NIR), reflectance-based technology which determines tissue health through the measurement of tissue oxygen saturation. Using multiple wavelengths of light MIMOSA Pro determines the relative amounts of oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin within the tissue. This is presented as a tissue oxygenation map to permit clinical assessment, decisions and analysis of tissue health. Through data storage and analysis changes and trends in tissue health are quickly identified providing insightful patient management.

12ft-Tall Machines Transformed into the Palm of Your Hand

The technology MIMOSA Pro uses to monitor wounds isn’t entirely new – it was originally developed as an early detector and triage tool for determining burn depth. But what has changed with the invention of MIMOSA Pro is the size – perhaps the most important part for both clinicians and patients. As a result of the increased computing power provided by cell phones, the technology could be miniaturized. So MSI has now evolved from being ten to twelve feet tall to being a small device paired with a smartphone.

Think Outside The Box.
Prioritize Your Patients.
Bring Efficiency Back To Your Practice.

The tiny hand-held device can be used by nurses, doctors, or other clinicians, to collect & collate data for review by the expert clinician - allowing for greater efficiency & a reduction in workload for the clinician and unprecedented access to care for patients!

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