Making the Invisible... Visible

Introducing MIMOSA Pro:

Pocket-Sized Tissue Imaging for

Avoid severe outcomes, track patient progress, and set a new standard for skin health.

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Track patient progress from anywhere

The MIMOSA Pro captures tissue oximetry, temperature, and a digital image in less than one second. The images are then relayed to a HIPAA-compliant web portal where clinicians can identify early opportunities for intervention, track patient progress, and collaborate with other clinicians towards improved patient outcomes.

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MIMOSA Pro is US FDA 510(k) cleared
       and Health Canada Approved

The MIMOSA Pro helps clinicians see biomarkers indicative of tissue health that present below the skin’s surface, making what was previously invisible to the naked eye, visible.

3 images in 1 CAPTURE

Capture tissue oximetry, temperature, and digital images in less than one second without requiring patient contact.

AI-Driven Insights

Improve patient outcomes with real-time point-of -care insights that help drive informed decisions about next steps in care.


Melanin algorithms in development to ensure every patient has access to accurate tissue health assessments, not just a subset.

hipaa-compliant web portal

Gain real-time validation into whether your treatment modalities are working and proactively adapt care plans to improve patient outcomes.


Access ready-to-export reimbursement documentation specific to each patient case within the MIMOSA web-portal.

For all Healthcare Professionals

Pocket-sized lightweight technology that can fit seamlessly into your existing clinical workflows and be used by any healthcare professional.

Ease of Use

Minimal lighting restrictions, intelligent guided image capture, and offline functionality.

Any Health Setting

Designed for use in multiple settings across the care continuum including hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and even in-home care.

Multispectral Imaging

MIMOSA Pro captures tissue oximetry and temperature leveraging near infrared and infrared light. These wavelengths are just beyond the detectable range for the human eye. MIMOSA makes the invisible, visible.

Early Intervention for Improved Outcomes

MIMOSA Pro can see what the human eye cannot. With visualization of tissue oxygenation and surface temperature data, clinicians can catch infections sooner, and proactively adapt care plans to improve patient outcomes, saving more limbs and more lives.

Enhanced Access to Care

MIMOSA Pro connects patients with expertise, wherever they may be. The pocket-sized device can be used in various care settings and the images captured are uploaded to a HIPAA-compliant web portal for remote viewing by expert practitioners. 

Secure Solution Architecture

HIPAA-compliant and secure cloud-based platform ensures all of your patient data stays protected.

Dedicated Customer Success Team

Our customers are our partners. Our dedicated customer success team is here to help you maximize the value of the MIMOSA Pro each and every day.

Reflectance-Based Technology

MIMOSA Pro is a non-contact near-infrared reflectance-based technology that measures tissue oximetry as an indicator of tissue health. Using multiple wavelengths of light, the MIMOSA Pro determines the relative amounts of oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin within the tissue to create a tissue oxygenation map that highlights valuable physiological data that can be used to support clinical decision making.

Hospital-Grade Technology that fits in your pocket

The technology MIMOSA Pro uses to monitor wounds isn’t entirely new - it was originally developed as an early detector and triage tool for determining burn depth. But what changed with the invention of the MIMOSA Pro was the size - a 12 ft. tall machine transformed into a device that can fit in your pocket, a crucial improvement for both clinicians and patients.

Prioritize Your Patients.
Bring Efficiency Back To Your Practice.

This pocket-sized device can be used by any healthcare professional to collect and collate data for clinician review - allowing for a reduction in workload for the clinician and unprecedented access to care for patients!

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