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At MIMOSA our products promote inclusive and equitable healthcare, enabling patients from across the globe, in remote areas, with any colour of skin to access the critical health care everyone deserves.

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MIMOSA's momentum over the past 5 years has been undeniable - but we're not finished yet!

Our MISSION Is to drive equity in Healthcare via our devices and technology.

Business Advisors & Board of Directors

Introducing the group of leaders sitting at the helm of MIMOSA Diagnostics

Dr. Karen Cross, MD PhD FRCSC

Co-Founder | CEO

Dr. Cross is a Plastic Surgeon with over 20 year’s experience in the skin & wound healing space. She has a PhD in wound healing & is an International Expert in this space.

Dr. General Leung, PhD MsC

Co-Founder | CTO

Dr. Leung has a PhD in Medical Biophysics, from University of Toronto. Previously an assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Imaging at the U of T. He has over 20 years experience in building medical devices.

Kevin Weitzman, CPA  CA

Principal, Archerwill Investments

Over 15 years of experience as a CPA, finance and in Business Development.

Irvine Weitzman, CPA  CA

Principal, ARcherwill Investments

Over 30 years of experience in Leadership positions as the President & CEO.

Paul Weber

Life Sciences Entrepreneur

Paul is an elite Life Sciences entrepreneur in the medical technology space. He has raised $25 plus million in equity and dilutive funding and led 3 successful liquidation events, creating over $300M in value for investors.

Dr. Yuan Fang

Life Sciences Entrepreneur

Head of Regulatory Health Policy at Google Health. Dr. Fang spent 10 years at the FDA in Class II/Class III submissions and audits. He has been advising MIMOSA around its regulatory strategy.

Already Investing

“The MIMOSA Pro offers real-time validation, enabling me to gauge the positive impact of our treatment modalities. This insight empowers me to adapt patient care plans proactively, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.”

Dr. Matthew Regulski
Medical Director - The Wound Institute of Ocean County

"Having a portable device that could assess tissue compromise and healing potential would be a game changer."

Keith Harding
Senior Clinical Research Director, A*STAR Singapore

"MIMOSA will revolutionize how Podiatrists/Chiropodists manage patients. It will be a great tool in the fight to prevent diabetic foot and vascular complications!"

Nat Rave
Chiropodist (Acute Care & Private Practice), Toronto

"Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging devices are like the modern day TRICORDERS."

David Armstrong
Professor of Surgery, Keck School of Medicine, USC, California, USA
Our Advisory Team

Our Go To Advisors

Dr. Keith Harding, CBE FRCGP FRCP FRCS

  • Head of Wound Healing Research Unit, School of Medicine, Cardiff University Wales, UK
  • Director, TIME Institute (Translation, Innovation, Methodology and Engagement)

Dr. Perry Mayer, MD

  • Medical Director and Principal, The Mayer Institute (TMI)
  • Highest Volume Diabetic Foot Clinic in Canada

Dr. Animesh (Aashoo) Tandon, MD MS

  • TEXAS Rising Star 2 years in a Row
  • Pediatric Cardiologist, UT Southwestern & Cleveland Clinic, USA

Dr. Mark Suski, MD FACS

  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Los Robles Hospital and Medical Centre
  • Chief Surgeon at the Los Robles Center for Advanced Wound Healing in Thousand Oaks, California, USA

Industry & Strategic Partners



Patient Health & Data

Patient Health & Data

Distribution & EXit

MIMOSA has several strategic partners for distribution & possible exit strategies