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100% Equity in healthcare is who we are.

Our products promote inclusive and equitable healthcare, and that's what our team is entirely committed to day in and day out!

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"Working at MIMOSA means the opportunity to solve diverse and challenging problems that make a difference in people's lives, and to do so in a co-operative and supportive environment."

Origins stories matter...

The MIMOSA Story

MIMOSA Pro provides a proactive approach to skin health, allowing clinicians to implement earlier interventions, or even prevent them from being needed at all. Its genesis and development were driven from personal passion and circumstance.  As a surgeon, our co-founder, Dr Karen Cross became frustrated at the limited help she could provide as a clinician to help her own Grandad. Grandad, living in Nova Scotia, lost his leg and ultimately his life due to a lack of access to imaging technology to assess his leg.

As a doctor, living in Toronto, Karen could do nothing to help her mother to help her Grandad. This experience emboldened her to change the health care system. She could not do this alone and joined forces with an imaging expert and colleague, Dr General Leung, also a MIMOSA co-founder. This partnership delivered the MIMOSA Pro device. 

The MIMOSA advantage is that the device is skin pigment, clinical specialty and care setting agnostic, providing equitable access for all clinicians and patients.

Purpose, joy, and hard work were never meant to be exclusive...

Our Culture

When you come to work at MIMOSA, you’re joining a team who genuinely cares about making a difference.

We provide a fun, inclusive environment where everyone’s contribution is considered and valued. We want everyone to succeed, feel supported, and to enjoy what they do, while having the opportunity to grow and feel challenged in all the right ways with their work.

We are mostly a remote working organization, but there are occasions where we like to see each other’s faces in person, so from time to time we get together for meetings and fun activities.

We also facilitate connection in our day-to-day work through virtual meeting platforms, connectivity applications, and corporate management tools.

We regard ourselves as a community, and yes... sometimes we do drink mimosas.
(We get asked that question a lot!)

Our values

It’s your Summit, but OUR Climb

It's your journey, your path, but we are all in it together. We want you to be successful and we want to support you in that success. When you win the team wins.

We solve big problems because you think differently

We tackle complex problems that require multiple perspectives, approaches and backgrounds to ensure they get solved.

Life is meant for Living

We want to live vicariously through you.

We encourage everyone to share who they are outside of work, because work isn’t all that makes up a person.

Create Meaningful Change

We believe innovation should benefit us all, and we believe innovation should enhance access to the best care no matter who you are or where you live.

Equity in all things

Striving for equity drives our work and lives. We believe in open compensation practices, equitable internal and external opportunities, hiring and workplace accommodations.

The Bicycle Value...

We love riding bikes. They propel you forward. They take you places. But, remove just one part of that bicycle - be it the chain, a single wheel spoke, or the even handlebars - and everything else falls apart! Every part of the bicycle is critical to move forward. No one part is more important than the other... The same goes here at MIMOSA. We're all the bicycle. No one person is more important than the other. Remove a critical piece and our momentum is gone.

What We Offer

Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits

Details available upon request.

Discretionary Time Off, with mandatory minimums

You time is important. It's a universal truth.


ie: Extra long weekends

Hybrid & Remote Work Opportunities*

*Depending on role, we'll do our best to create an ideal situation for you.

Flexible Work Hours

Making room for all of the important stuff.

Non-hierarchical working environment

Refer to "the bicycle value" 

Transparent Compensation Model

Details available upon request.

Open Job Opportunities

Even if there are no current job opportunities that fit your background, we're always looking for talented folks to join our team!

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