Making the invisible visible

Imaging Insights & Equitable Health Care. All in one small package.

Visualize and assess tissue oximetry, temperature, and other biomarkers without the need for big testing or long wait times.

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Traditional healthcare imaging has become inaccessible for your patients - leaving you to make hard calls without enough data. That’s no way to practice.

It’s time to change the game…

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Introducing MIMOSA Pro

Imaging insights at your fingertips

MIMOSA Pro is a handheld device that uses near-infrared light to accurately and non-invasively assess tissue health. It can be easily used by a patient or a caregiver, and the images produced will help inform the next steps within patient navigation and management.

"Having a portable device that could assess tissue compromise and healing potential would be a game changer."

Keith Harding
Senior Clinical Research Director, A*STAR Singapore

"MIMOSA will revolutionize how Podiatrists/Chiropodists manage patients. It will be a great tool in the fight to prevent diabetic foot and vascular complications!"

Nat Rave
Chiropodist (Acute Care & Private Practice), Toronto

"Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging devices are like the modern day TRICORDERS."

David Armstrong
Professor of Surgery, Keck School of Medicine,USC, California, USA

How it works in 4 easy steps...

Your New Powerhouse Workflow

Step 1: Connect MIMOSA Pro App to Wifi

Snap MIMOSA Pro to your provided smartphone, open the app, connect to wifi, and you're ready in a matter of seconds!

Step 2:  You or a member of your team take images of patient

You now have the option to take images of yourself, or empower remote monitoring by sending a team members to take images of your patients' medial skin issue (either in a hospital, clinic, or home-care setting).

Step 3:   Immediately review those images in our app or remotely via our automatically-synced web portal

Review patient images immediately on our app or via our cloud-based secure web app - meaning you can see images taken of patients in realtime... Even if a nurse or other team member took them off-site.

Step 4:   Submit for Reimbursement & Repeat

Submit your images for reimbursement, triage or treat your patients accordingly, and repeat! Welcome to your new powerhouse workflow!

Think Outside The Box.
Prioritize Your Patients.
Bring Efficiency Back To Your Practice.

The tiny hand-held device can be used by nurses, doctors, or other clinicians, to collect & collate data for review by the expert clinician - allowing for greater efficiency & a reduction in workload for the clinician and unprecedented access to care for patients!

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