MIMOSA Diagnostics Rebrands & Launches New Website

September 16, 2022

As MIMOSA evolves as a leader in multispectral imaging it was time for a rebrand

As companies evolve and mature a reflection on brand, making it more appropriate at the different stages of maturation. As we move from our initial start up phase we decided it was time to rebrand for our future. We wanted to build on our initial branding and present a more mature representation of our heritage and story. Building on the mimosa flower was our starting point as an organization and today remains he underpinning of our new branding and image.

The Mimosa Flower

Mimosa is tied to “sensibility” and is often connected to philosophers or problem solvers.  It also means to literally “expand” your life whether referring to family, career or travel planning.  In other cultures, mimosa is tied to “sensitivity”.  In the states, the pretty yellow spheres have become symbolic as the official flower to “Women’s Day”.

Its meaning is special to us and embodies everything we do as a company and a team. We believe in and operate on equity and diversity. We are problem solvers looking to expand the capabilities of clinicians. We are sensitive to the needs of others and sensible in our approach to innovation. We are simply MIMOSA.