Research group presents clinical poster at SAWC Fall, Las Vegas, Oct 13-16, 2022

September 16, 2022

Healthy seniors aging in place - The impact of remote wound monitoring for seniors using multispectral imaging: a case series

Seniors with lower extremity wounds who live in rural communities often experience limited mobility and lack access to appropriate healthcare In this study, a mobile person-centered footcare program was deployed in rural communities surrounding a mid-size city in New Brunswick, Canada. This program was deployed as a tool for engagement ultimately supporting safe aging-in-place and improving access to healthcare via remote monitoring. describe findings of incorporating a mobile multispectral imaging system to aid seniors with lower extremity wounds..

Poster Presentation by Tracy Rickards and colleagues

Multispectral imaging of wounds identified cases where there was inadequate blood flow and debridement could be necessary. Longitudinal remote monitoring of these seniors resulted in increased access to appropriate care and engagement.

The deployment of an outreach footcare program using mobile multispectral imaging is essential to support healthy aging-in-place for seniors. The impact is even greater for seniors living with lower extremity wounds. Seniors living in rural areas can receive footcare which involves the remote monitoring of tissue oximetry and temperature via mobile multispectral imaging and risk assessments which enables access to critical healthcare services..